in ancient times, consided in the year, in which the elephat Abrahah Al-Asyram trying to attack Mecca dan Ka’bah with troops by the elephant.
Then Allah SWT to frustrate with miracullous and at that moment was born Muhammad. He was born on Monday night of 12 rabiul awal.
He was born in the circumstances of orphans, his father ( Abdullah bin Abdul mutholib ) died when his mother ( aminah binti wahab ) containing Muhammad two moons, when Muhammad he age of 6 years his mother died too. So… he bring up Abdull mutholib and suckle with halimah, a women from banu sa’ad.
Muhammad bring grace for around, while still small, he arrive to angels go by the chest to operate wash heart with water from heaven and with Zam-zam water. From the heart is removed a clod of blood and Jibril say “ This is the devil that is in yoursely”. After the heart is that put back into chest of the origin and to sew that.
Anas said “ I really never see the stitches use at beast sire. Along with time, Muhammad grow into adulte, become a leader of the responsibility and he also always accompany uncle to trade.

Good say in verse 128 of At- Taubah,
“ Laqad ja’akum rosulun min anfusikum ‘azizun’alaihima ‘anittum, harishun ‘alaikum bil mu’minina raufun rahim ”
Has indeed come to you a massanger from the people themselve, by your suffering feels heavy it is wanted ( faith ang salvation ) for you, mercy is a more humance to wards the believers.
When Rasulullah SAW reached the age of 13 years, he went with Abu tholib his uncle to syam. In a trip he meeting with a pastor, name buhairah. Priest is to understand the distinction in it self Rasulullah SAW, he said the abu thalib, “indeed, this child’s will get a hight position”. And then Abu tholib and rosulullah back to mecca. When Rasulullah SAW reached the age of 25 years, he also went to syam.
After day finished trading back to mecca, arriving in mecca of the trip he merries he doughter Khadijah binti khuwalid. Then they move to the home of Rosulullah SAW and start new sheet of life, the age of khadijah at that time 40 years.
From the marriage they have 3 sons. That is al-Qasim, Abdullah and Thoyib, but all died in the small fine. Then they have too 4 doughter, namely is Zainab, Ruqayyah, ummu kaltsum, and Fatimah. Four doughter are living up to heir major. The eldest of them marry with Abil Ash. Single Ruqoyyah marry with Utbah bin Abi lahab,are wedded to the ummi kaltsum mary with Utaibah bin Abi lahab. As for youngest namely Fatimah Az-Zahra marry with Ali bin abi thalib.
In one other accasion, when in mecca, rasulullah SAW councin envoys were Quraisih Utbah. He said to Rasulullah Saw “ O… Nephew, you bring a new religion, what you actually want” ? if you want the glory of our wealth, and if there is something that you suffer illness, we will find drugs. Rasulullah saw heard with the patient description is idolatrous figures. He does not even impugn or cut his talking.
In an apportunity towards the and of life, Rasulullah saw said to the companions “ may the gods will called me again, I do not want to wait in the among you who have wanted to pliase speak I”.
Second following a very tense, one day at the and of his speech of the rasulullah saw he said “ letter in the day of reckoning, you will be asked by god what have, I as Rasulullah, do you on.
“ If you asked leter, what answer you ?
“ of the silent tears while cryed”.
After the prophet sallAllahu ‘alaihi wasallam died, passing the city of madina noisy with people weeping: between believing-not believe, that apostle has left the Companions. Some time leter, the arab see Umar and ask him, “ tell honor with muhammad !”. umar wept to hear the request. He was not able to say anything. He told the arabs to meet Bilal. Once found and submitted a request same, Bilal was crying, he was not able to depict anything. Bilal told only that person can see Ali bin abi thalib.
And then Badui began to wonder this. Umar is not senior friend of the prophet, as well as bilal, he is not Faithful companions of the prophet.
Why are they not able to honor Muhammad told people began to wonder this Badui. Umar is not a senior friend of the prophet, as well as bilal, he is not faithful companions of the prophet. Why are they not able to honor Muhammad told sallallahu a’alihim wasalam. With hope-hope anxious, Badui this met Ali. Ali linangan with tears said, “ tell the world with the beauty of this.” This Bedouin said, “ How many I can recount all the beauty of this world…. ” ali replied, you never enjoy the beauty told the world god has said that the world is really small and this is just purely an amusement, abd how I can render honor Muhammad sallAllahu ‘alaihi wasalam, Whereas Allah has said that Muhammad had indeed cultivated a noble character !
After that this meet siti aisyah r.a sallallahu wife of the Prophet ‘alaihi wasalam is said “ Khumairah” by the prophet only said, khululquhu al-quran ( Muhammad like is Al-Quran). As if she would like to say that the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam is like Al-quran running. Badui is not statisfied, how soon can he catch the morals of the prophet if he should look to the entire Qur’an womb. She Finally suggested badui to read this and scrutinize QS Al-Mu’minun
For the friends, each has a distinctive impression with the world of the Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wasalam. If they are asked all the morals of the prophet, only tears, he answered, because they will be their adoration. At most they are only able to depict a fragment of the most beautiful and impressive in their interaction with the last prophet.
And finally the travel stories from the life of Rasulullah explained that we must imitate in all things.


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